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La Ciucciara

Overlooking the Gulf of Naples, in front of Capri, Ischia and Procida, La Ciucciara is an elegant and historic mansion surrounded by a luxuriant lemon grove of Massa Lubrense, a few kilometers from Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and all the other renowned places of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

La Ciucciara offers you a really unique experience, rich in history, fragrances, sea, taste... In short, a total beauty immersion in cozy, comfortable and bright rooms where you can relax and enjoy unique and unforgettable moments.

La Ciucciara is a fine old farmhouse dating back to the end of 19th century, completely surrounded by lemon trees. The interior has been completely restored and renovated with great care over the past five years. The property is on three levels: ground floor, first floor and second floor with multiple panoramic terraces.

Passing through the elegant wrought-iron gate you’ll reach the courtyard overlooked by two spacious and comfortable double rooms, with furnished outdoor patio and direct access to the garden, where you can enjoy the peace and the strong Mediterranean scents.

The property is then articulated on two further floors offering spacious and comfortable rooms with different kind of accomodation, some facing towards the lemon grove and some with seaview windows and terraces from which you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Ischia, Procida and the Vesuvius.

Donna con ciuccio

"La Ciucciara" farmhouse takes its name from the previous owner's nickname, Don Nicola 'o Ciucciar, and his sister Donna Olimpia Gargiulo, who as widow lived in this house till the remarkable age of one hundred and four years old. Donna Olimpia and Don Nicola were also owners of other agricultural lands (lemon and olive groves and vineyards) located on the hills of Massa Lubrense, and used donkeys, in neapolitan dialect "ciucci", to transport the precious products to this house where they processed and packed the products (olive oil, wines and limoncello) for sale. Hence the nickname of the farmhouse: “ 'a Ciucciara”. At the beginning of the last century Don Nicola, farmer and also deputy mayor of Massa Lubrense, exported his lemons abroad up to London, Paris and other major European markets.

The Lemon Grove

The renowned Lemon of Sorrento, famous all over the world, needs no introduction...

or maybe yes?

It belongs to the local variety of Citrus Limon (common lemon) also known as Lemon of Massa Lubrense. The fruit has medium-large dimensions and a weight of not less than 85 grams (0,19 pounds). The lemondrop yellow peel is of medium thickness and particularly fragrant. The light yellow pulp is very tasty. The lemon trees are grown under scaffoldings of wooden poles, usually chestnut and about 6 meters high, using covers that protect them from adverse weather conditions.

Nowadays the Lemon Grove “La Ciucciara” produces IGP certified top quality lemons. For their unique organoleptic properties lemons are harvested mainly to produce limoncello and perfume essences.

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